Homemade jams

All our jams are made by Eliane. “The delights of Lattelou are very varied, made in limited quantities from wild fruit and cultivated in our garden and greenhouse (she buys a few organic oranges and lemons). All the jams are made frome natural products with no preservatives.
There are about 60 recipes, all very different, with very original mixtures of fruits, some quite audacious with surprising tastes. The jam can be given as gifts or for your personnal pleasure ! Here is a little list of our jams to tempt you : 
  • Strawberry with elderflowers
  • Plum with ginger and rosemary
  • Spiced blackberry 
  • Rhubarb with angelica
  • Kiwis with 3 kinds of lemons
  • Cape gooseberry and calamondins (small bitter oranges)
  • Redcurrant with Timut pepper
  • Apple and elderflowers
  • Pear and ginger
  • Angel’s hair (Siam squash) with oranges and lemons
  • Fig, orange and almonds
  • ……..
It’s possible to buy the jams at Lattelou but they can also be sent by post with a minimum of 6 pots.