This is an ocean discovery park, with 3 pavilions devoted to polar, tropical and temperate marine eco-systems. There are 68 aquariums containing 4 million litres of sea water. A wonderful day out for all ages…children will love the penguins.

This is an amusement/leisure park situated in Milizac. It’s a place to be enjoyed by all the family, children, adolescents and adults young and old. There is something to suit everyone in this huge park of 17 hectares.
This costal path was created in 1791 to fight against smugglers. It goes around the Brittany coast and follows every creek and inlet from the bay of Mont St Michel to the Peninsula of Guerande. Your itinerary can last 2 hours or 2 months in the sun or the invigorating sea breeze !
Brittany, let yourself be surprised